Can eating lots of tasty delicious sweets cause snoring or sleep apnea?

We are all guilty of it. Eating too much unhealthy foods and candies. But the question is, can doing that cause things like snoring and sleep apnea? Foods that have excessive amounts of sugar have been known to cause weight gain. People sometimes eat these kinds of foods at night right before bed. The body does not have a chance to fully digest all of the food. The food goes straight into fat. Another reason is for the weight gain can be explained by insulin. When we eat something really sweet our body releases a ton of insulin to lower down our blood sugar. Its a known fact that when our body releases a lot of insulin is harder to lose weight. This is going to lead people to ask, is sleep apnea reversible with weight loss? I think its safe to say that it can to an extent. If your sleep apnea was caused by gaining weight, most likely yes.

In general the best rule of thumb for just about anything is, everything should be had in moderation. That is the best way to not run into any large health problems. Another very popular rule is, too much of anything is bad. Even drinking too much water can be unhealthy. Who would have ever guessed that drinking too much water can be bad for you.

Too much sleep can also be bad for you. Everyone’s body is different. For this reason its important to figure out how much of something you need before you get diminishing returns.